Behind the scene


STITCHCULT is an artistic, home-grown women's wear brand based in the city of Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh which is proudly the heart of incredible India. It is born with the idea to revive and restore the ancient craft practices done by the tribal people and artisans who have inherited these crafts as patronage from their ancestors. It is a brainchild of Ashita Sood, a NIFT Gandhinagar alumna who is born into a family of artists and holds a strong cultural background. She draws her creative lineage from her mother being a proficient light classical Vocalist, her aunts being classical dancers, theatre artists and her grandfather who was a drama director and writer. An amalgamation of creative genetics in her, define her love for Indian art forms.


The amalgamation and reinterpretation of unconventional with the conventional crafts and arts is what we envision to deliver to our customers. We want to make an act of small contribution to the artisans and their community, through our clothing by acknowledging them for preserving these practices and further help them to spread their glory amongst our fellow customers through the brand journey.


We at stitchcult love colours, prints and textures just the way how our Indian culture is, in its soul. Absolutely Vibrant! We believe in delivering the exact essence of our culture through our clothing. Hence our clothes are quirky, eclectic and eccentric. Prints, bright colours and surface ornamentation are the fundamentals on which we curate our work. We love to curate a blend of variant crafts and art forms that give rise to a compelling union of diversified cultural practices. The genres of Bohemian and classicism are our staple styles that are incorporated in our silhouettes. Minimalism is not something that we idealise. We live by the phrase once stated by the ultimate fashion icon Miss Iris Apfel which says- "More is More and Less is a Bore" We also encourage our clients to sometimes be like "Go big or go home", because that is the message that our designs speak of to the world.

Homegrown , Handcrafted, Sustainable

We make each piece with all our heart and soul. No design is produced in bulk, hence carrying with it the exclusivity and charm of being sourced, planned and designed ethically and detailed scrupulously. From the prints on the fabrics to the packaging, everything is designed and handmade in house. We have transitioned into a sustainable label, where we re-use our waste in designing garments and developing our packaging. Our fabrics are absolutely eco-friendly and healthy for you and the environment.
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